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How an Embedded IoT System Can Make Operations Safer and More Productive and Profitable

An embedded Internet of Things (IoT) system can take data-driven building or industrial automation from helpful information to invaluable insight. Rather than making assumptions or educated guesses, embedded IoT can

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Industrial Automation: How BACnet Helps Keep Production Going

Speed, efficiency, and flexibility.   These are the three things that every industrial and manufacturing organization around the world has always wanted and needed. How to get it, however, has

Building Controls and Power Outages: Top 3 Challenges [and How to Overcome Them]

Energy management is a full-time, pressure-filled job for building owners and facilities managers. Add in the transition to sustainable energy and the stakes go even higher. Plus, with an increase...

BACnet vs. Modbus: What to Consider

When it comes to industrial and commercial automation, should you use BACnet® or Modbus®? The answer is “yes.” Both of these open protocol standards are designed to enable device communication...

NFPA 2023 Wrap Up: Fire Alarm Panel Integration

Here at MSA FieldServer, we’re serious about life safety solutions. That’s why we spent some time recently at the 2023 NFPA Conference & Expo. In addition to presenting on industrial...

Making Sense of the MQTT Protocol and MQTT Payloads

MQ Telemetry Transport or MQTT has been called by its inventor and originator IBM, “a lightweight and flexible network protocol that strikes the right balance for IoT developers.” Since it...