2022 AHR Expo Preview: New Technologies to Solve Chiller Failure

January 24, 2022
Richard Theron

Next week I’ll be meeting up with heating, ventilation, air condition, and refrigeration industry professionals in Las Vegas at the #AHRExpo22.

It’ll be good to be back at this annual conference where we’ll have “the entire world of HVACR under one roof.” I’m especially looking forward to sharing ideas, talking about challenges, and exploring the latest HVACR-related technologies and applications.

Whether you’re a consulting engineer, building operations manager, facility engineer, OEM designer, or other type of HVACR professional, I want to encourage you to attend the free New Product & Technology Presentations.

I get it. There’s a lot to pick and choose from. Your time is limited while you’re at the conference, too. Plus, there are all kinds of things competing for your attention. But these presentations are designed to be rapid fire, meaning they’re only about 20 minutes long.

More importantly, MSA’s presentation will introduce you to tools and intelligent technologies that can revolutionize how you design and maintain more energy-efficient environments.

In fact, I’ve intentionally created a presentation that is by no means a “sales pitch.” I wouldn’t want to sit through that myself, so I know you don’t either!

HVACR New Product & Technology Theaters: Insider Insights

I’d like to extend a personal invitation for you to attend my presentation: Cloud Data for Remote Connectivity, Notification and Visualization, which will be held on Day 2 of the conference.

Are you having trouble with any (or all) of these?

  • Keeping the chiller in optimal working condition
  • Preventing electric motor failure
  • A boiler that consumes too much energy
  • A boiler that’s not performing as well as it could
  • A boiler on the verge of failure

Problems solved! MSA and Bacharach technologies can support:

  • Intelligent, predictive maintenance
  • High-value asset optimization
  • Secure remote, real-time access
  • Reduction in the time and money spent on maintenance

And that’s only the beginning. Please join me as I share insights and answers to the question: “What maintenance issues are keeping HVACR pros up at night?”

Where to Find MSA @ #AHRExpo22

Here’s where you can find us. Please stop by and say ‘hello,’ see a product demonstration, or get answers to your questions.

Reliably protect your assets. Easily connect your equipment.

To see what’s possible, please visit us in the Exhibitors Hall at Booth C4128.

Improving maintenance operations doesn’t have to be complicated.

To learn how you can address HVACR issues more quickly, easily, and consistently, please join us

on Day 2 in Theater C – Booth N11936.

Richard Theron
Richard Theron is the product line manager for FieldServer at MSA, where he works intimately with companies in the building automation, industrial automation, energy management and life safety markets to help them cloud-enable their equipment.

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