3 Things to Know About MSA’s FieldServer Dual Ethernet Port

Connectivity is essential to a safer, more reliable, and cost-effective Building Automation System (BAS). But as you’re planning for your facility’s future, how concerned are you about security in a...
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Future-Proofing a Building Automation System (BAS)

System integrators have a tough enough job without having to figure out how to transform a disparate network of devices and data streams (each with their own diverse protocols and...

Building Management Systems: Maintaining the Connection as 3G Technology Providers Say, “Goodbye” and Hang Up

Building managers, system integrators and equipment designers are facing communications challenges ahead as 3G wireless technology is exiting the stage while 4G LTE absorbs any remaining legacy networks and as

Building analytics software spells savings for property managers

Energy costs are usually some of the largest most variable costs in building management. Obviously, keeping those low while maintaining efficiency and comfort is a constant challenge. But implementing IIoT gateways and building analytics software solutions can make a tangible difference in your energy costs. Read this blog post to learn how.

The most important consideration when choosing a cloud gateway

You’ve decided that you need to be able to access and track your equipment from anywhere, not just when you’re physically in the building and you know you need a cloud gateway. Like any software or hardware, a lot of factors go into choosing a cloud gateway. Read this blog post to learn about the biggest consideration that goes into that choice.