Big Data

Device data drives revenue – how data can make sales teams more effective

For decades sales people have kept little notes about their customers so they can know their customers better. Maybe it’s a dog’s name or remembering their favorite fishing spot. But in today’s day and age, you can know your customer’s better than ever before. By harnessing the information available from their cloud-enabled devices, your sales team will know so much more about your customers’ work, needs and concerns.

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Combating the inherent cybersecurity risks of connected devices

The second part of our conversation with Sierra Monitor Product Manager, Richard Theron, we discuss how the interconnection of commercial and industrial devices bring with it some very real cybersecurity risks. Read our conversation to learn more about the threats and the solutions for OEMs and customers.

Remote workers create demand for remote access of devices

Across the country and the world, kitchen tables, rec rooms and even sofas are transforming into home offices. Often that doesn’t apply to employees that need to be on-site in order to service and maintain a company’s equipment. But does that have to be the way? Check out our interview with Richard Theron, a Product Manager at Sierra Monitor, to answer these questions and more.

How Cloud-Enabled Submeters Drive Green Initiatives

Having a solid understanding of an organization’s operations is essential for making impactful change. For example, you can’t figure out how to improve margins if you don’t know the cost of every material, part, and process that goes into making your product. You can’t improve the productivity of your employees if you don’t understand the processes and tasks that they spend their day working on. You can’t increase your energy efficiency and implement green initiatives if you don’t have an understanding of how much energy is used by the different devices utilized or operations performed within your organization.

Four steps to “as a service”

Customer demand often leads to innovation in the industry. But when the spark is lit by the customers, it can leave OEMs having to catch up. Today, customers are asking for innovation and smarter, more connected devices which provides OEMs with an opportunity to sell not just a device, but a service. Check out this blog post to find the resources that will help you move to a service oriented business model.

From manufacturer to service provider – the steps to enabling “as a service”

In a highly competitive market, shifting your business model from providing equipment to providing service and maintenance is a strong way to set yourself apart. This will also allow you to diversify and grow your revenue streams. While this is a change to your current business model, the growing pains don’t need to be painful. Read our blog post to learn how to implement this change.