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Summer 2020 FieldServer Feature Releases Are Here

Read on for more information about our new OpenVPN application, Virtual Data Points, Proxy Tunnel, and ProAttach that will enhance the FieldServer experience for our customers. OpenVPN Access your data...
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How cloud-enabled submeters drive green initiatives

Having a solid understanding of an organization’s operations is essential for making impactful change. For example, you can’t figure out how to improve margins if you don’t know the cost of every material, part, and process that goes into making your product. You can’t improve the productivity of your employees if you don’t understand the processes and tasks that they spend their day working on. You can’t increase your energy efficiency and implement green initiatives if you don’t have an understanding of how much energy is used by the different devices utilized or operations performed within your organization.

How the secure gateway could be a solution for IIoT security

If you are very good at building a boiler, you may not be as experienced in building a cybersecurity response plan. There are experts that have as much knowledge as you have about your equipment about cybersecurity, that you can partner with to ensure you shore up your vulnerabilities. Read more about these potential partnership in this blog post.

Synapse Wireless’ SimplySNAP adds Cloud and BMS Connectivity with Sierra Monitor’s ProtoAir IIoT Gateway

Sierra Monitor and Synapse Wireless® have partnered to add a BMS to Synapse’s IoT Solution Suite. Synapse’s SimplySNAP, is a robust and reliable platform designed to enable a limitless number of IoT applications, including connected lighting IoT capabilities. Synapse’s intelligent lighting solution provides the infrastructure to control lights, save energy, and enable additional IoT applications for industrial settings.

Smarter Wastewater Treatment Through Cloud Technology

Whether you’re washing the dirt off your car, or your dishes or your teenager, wastewater treatment underpins modern society. Check out this blog to see how cloud enabled equipment allows communities to monitor important aspects of wastewater treatment.

Preventative Maintenance – Could you benefit from it?

We all wish we knew what was going to go wrong before it happens. While we can’t predict the weather, we can look to the cloud to foresee issues with industrial equipment. This blog will outline the opportunities to avoid failures and problems by utilizing our FieldServer cloud connectivity devices. This suite of device management functions will give you a better understanding of your equipment so you can avoid the worst.

Why OEMs Need to Get Serious About Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is most commonly referring to software and the important personal and business data it collects. Industrial equipment faces a real cyber threat. Connected and cloud-enabled devices allow for easier upkeep and maintenance than ever before, but, at the same time, allows for more threats and greater risks. This blog outlines the reasons why OEMs need to incorporate cyber security in their devices.

The economics behind HVAC as a Service

Selling HVAC as a service makes good business sense for the future and for the now. By selling maintenance and management to your customer, you provide better customer service. It also allows you to truly see how your customers use your products, which can enable you to provide guidance to them on how to use them more efficiently. This also gives you a log of information that you can use when making the next version of that device.

Three ways that cloud-connecting devices makes them greener and cheaper

We all know the feeling of coming home and seeing that we left a light on all day, and the sad truth that we will have to pay for the energy used to light a home no one was in. Well, imagine it’s an office. Or worse, an office building. By connecting your equipment to the cloud, you don’t have to worry, you will save energy and save money. Read this post to learn how.

How OEMs can better protect their equipment from cyberattack

Cloud based connectivity opens up a world of possibilities, but this new world has a number of risks. There are smart things that OEMs can do in many areas of their business to protect themselves and their customers from potential cyber attacks. Check out this blog post to ensure that you are being proactive in addressing cyber threats.