Solving the Building Management and Factory Floor Automation Connectivity Challenge

With the goal of reaping the benefits of exponential gains in productivity at reduced operational costs, the revolutions in machine-to-machine intelligence, edge computing, the internet of things (IoT) and cloud

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Summer 2020 FieldServer Feature Releases Are Here

Read on for more information about our new OpenVPN application, Virtual Data Points, Proxy Tunnel, and ProAttach that will enhance the FieldServer experience for our customers. OpenVPN Access your data...

Cybersecurity and the IIoT

Cyber criminals are becoming smarter and more creative, always keeping up with changes in technology. Click here to download the eBook “Cybersecurity and the IIoT – how equipment manufacturers can protect device data in an increasingly insecure cyber landscape.” discusses the threats facing equipment manufacturers and smart, actionable steps to take to secure your and your customer’s equipment.

The HVAC as a Service Revolution eBook

In the past, when your favorite band released a new album, you had to drive to a physical store to buy a physical CD, or cassette, or vinyl album. The same companies that had to press a record have become more viable as a service. By having customers pay for a service rather than a physical item, they allow customers to start playing an album within seconds of learning of its release. That same movement toward services has reached commercial and industrial equipment manufacturers. Download the eBook to learn how to become a part of the revolution.

Ransomware and IIoT devices – is there really a threat?

As cyber criminals become more savvy and creative, they are targeting larger institutions, so they can extort as much money as quickly as possible. This is a growing concern for people that rely on industrial and commercial equipment in their day to day business. Because this is a concern for their customers, this is a concern for OEMs. Are the doors that connectivity opens for data-driven analysis and preventative maintenance being kept open for potentially harmful criminals?