Keeping the Lights on During Power Outages

When the power goes out in large commercial buildings, multi-building corporate campuses, institutional facilities, convention centers and retail complexes, the first objective is always the safety of employees and guests

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Solving the Building Management and Factory Floor Automation Connectivity Challenge

With the goal of reaping the benefits of exponential gains in productivity at reduced operational costs, the revolutions in machine-to-machine intelligence, edge computing, the internet of things (IoT) and cloud

How Cloud-Enabled Submeters Drive Green Initiatives

Having a solid understanding of an organization’s operations is essential for making impactful change. For example, you can’t figure out how to improve margins if you don’t know the cost of every material, part, and process that goes into making your product. You can’t improve the productivity of your employees if you don’t understand the processes and tasks that they spend their day working on. You can’t increase your energy efficiency and implement green initiatives if you don’t have an understanding of how much energy is used by the different devices utilized or operations performed within your organization.

Implementing BACnet – why it’s harder than equipment manufacturers think

No one wants to buy a device that is an island, they want their equipment to talk to each other and make their business more efficient and streamlined. So OEMs need to implement Building Automation and Control network protocols (BACnet) to ensure that their devices can work together with each other and other manufacturer’s devices. But how do you do this in a timely and cost-effective way? Read our blog post to find out.