Industrial Automation Devices: How FieldVEU Can Help OEMs Ignite Innovation

When it comes to product development, original equipment manufacturers face a plethora of challenges ranging from market competition to tight margins. Keeping up is hard enough without the added pressure...
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MSA’s FieldServer Gateway Adds New OPC UA Driver

The launch of the OPC UA Driver for the MSA FieldServer™ Gateway provides engineers who are responsible for OEM equipment design, industrial processes, manufacturing lines, and building management a new

Automation Systems Leader Overcomes Flow Meter Data Communications Protocol Challenge

The sophisticated process instrumentation and control systems that today automate the operation of everything from smart buildings to wastewater treatment plants are constantly evolving.  For example, the basic liquid and

Building Management Systems: Maintaining the Connection as 3G Technology Providers Say, “Goodbye” and Hang Up

Building managers, system integrators and equipment designers are facing communications challenges ahead as 3G wireless technology is exiting the stage while 4G LTE absorbs any remaining legacy networks and as

Helping OEM Engineers Enhance Building Equipment Cyber Security

The importance of Internet and cloud security can’t be understated when it comes to designing, owning and managing today’s large commercial buildings, institutional facilities, entertainment complexes and industrial plants. The

Summer 2020 FieldServer Feature Releases Are Here

Read on for more information about our new OpenVPN application, Virtual Data Points, Proxy Tunnel, and ProAttach that will enhance the FieldServer experience for our customers. OpenVPN Access your data...

Synapse Wireless’ SimplySNAP adds Cloud and BMS Connectivity with Sierra Monitor’s ProtoAir IIoT Gateway

Sierra Monitor and Synapse Wireless® have partnered to add a BMS to Synapse’s IoT Solution Suite. Synapse’s SimplySNAP, is a robust and reliable platform designed to enable a limitless number of IoT applications, including connected lighting IoT capabilities. Synapse’s intelligent lighting solution provides the infrastructure to control lights, save energy, and enable additional IoT applications for industrial settings.

Lencore Modernizes Workspaces with Sierra Monitor’s FieldServer IoT Cloud Connectivity

Learning what Sierra Monitor’s customers are doing with our products in the field is always exciting and inspiring. Lencore Acoustics Corporation, is an audio system solutions company that provides both sound masking and mass communication for modern commercial workplaces. Check out this blog to learn how they use FieldPop to privacy, comfort, and safety in the workplace.

Preventative Maintenance – Could you benefit from it?

We all wish we knew what was going to go wrong before it happens. While we can’t predict the weather, we can look to the cloud to foresee issues with industrial equipment. This blog will outline the opportunities to avoid failures and problems by utilizing our FieldServer cloud connectivity devices. This suite of device management functions will give you a better understanding of your equipment so you can avoid the worst.

Four steps to “as a service”

Customer demand often leads to innovation in the industry. But when the spark is lit by the customers, it can leave OEMs having to catch up. Today, customers are asking for innovation and smarter, more connected devices which provides OEMs with an opportunity to sell not just a device, but a service. Check out this blog post to find the resources that will help you move to a service oriented business model.