How the secure gateway could be a solution for IIoT security

If you are very good at building a boiler, you may not be as experienced in building a cybersecurity response plan. There are experts that have as much knowledge as you have about your equipment about cybersecurity, that you can partner with to ensure you shore up your vulnerabilities. Read more about these potential partnership in this blog post.

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OEMs and cyber – it’s time to get serious about IIoT security

The fact is, commercial and industrial equipment manufacturers recognize that connecting devices is a huge opportunity to grow their business and take their devices to the next level. But that opportunity also opens their and their customers’ equipment at risk of cyber attack. This may be new territory, but is one that OEMs can tackle. Read our blog post to learn how.

Ransomware and IIoT devices – is there really a threat?

As cyber criminals become more savvy and creative, they are targeting larger institutions, so they can extort as much money as quickly as possible. This is a growing concern for people that rely on industrial and commercial equipment in their day to day business. Because this is a concern for their customers, this is a concern for OEMs. Are the doors that connectivity opens for data-driven analysis and preventative maintenance being kept open for potentially harmful criminals?