Three steps for embracing HVACaaS

HVAC as a Service is a win-win for both the customer and the manufacturer. So once you’ve decided to embrace it, how do you implement it. It can seem daunting to make fundamental changes to the way you do business. But, as we outline in this blog post, it does not have to be a painful change.

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The economics behind HVAC as a Service

Selling HVAC as a service makes good business sense for the future and for the now. By selling maintenance and management to your customer, you provide better customer service. It also allows you to truly see how your customers use your products, which can enable you to provide guidance to them on how to use them more efficiently. This also gives you a log of information that you can use when making the next version of that device.

How OEMs can better protect their equipment from cyberattack

Cloud based connectivity opens up a world of possibilities, but this new world has a number of risks. There are smart things that OEMs can do in many areas of their business to protect themselves and their customers from potential cyber attacks. Check out this blog post to ensure that you are being proactive in addressing cyber threats.

What is HVAC as a service?

By utilizing the data and insights coming from their cloud-enabled devices, OEMs can make a major shift in their relationship with their customers. HVAC as a service changes your customers from people you hear from every few years when they need a new piece of equipment, or more likely, only hear from when something isn’t working, to a vital partner in the success of their company. Read here to learn how HVAC will transform your relationships with your customers and your business.

OEMs can reap real benefits by going “all in” on BACnet

There are always innovations that seem revolutionary when they’re created, but quickly become the norm. IF you walk into a car dealership today, they are not going to describe the merits of having electric windshield wipers. It is a given, to both the customer and the manufacturer that those are standard. The same is true for BMS protocols like BACnet. Check out this post to learn about the benefits of OEMs truly embracing these protocols for the long term.