5 Benefits of FieldServer for OEMs

June 7, 2023
Richard Theron

What is FieldServer and why does it matter to OEMs? Let’s answer some fundamental questions about what FieldServer does and why original equipment manufacturers rely on this simple, yet powerful solution.

What does FieldServer do?

If you’re a manufacturer of industrial or building automation smart devices, you’re giving your customers something incredibly valuable: data.

But what can your customers do with the data your devices capture? How can your customers leverage this device data to better inform their decision making so they can act fast when it really counts?

FieldServer is a multi-protocol Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) gateway designed to bridge the gap between your device and the data it collects and your customer’s need for real-time information. In short, FieldServer gateway solutions help smart devices “talk” with each other, enabling secure, encrypted connection between disparate devices, applications, and platforms.

What does this mean for OEMs?

It means you aren’t alone in creating value-added products and services for your customers. When you implement FieldServer gateways, you’re helping your customers effectively eliminate the communication barriers that can hinder safety, efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

How can OEMs use FieldServer?

FieldServer helps OEMs with their building automation, industrial automation, fire alarm, and utility/energy devices by delivering proven, reliable, agile solutions. Manufacturers that use FieldServer are empowered to develop products with purpose, knowing that FieldServer speaks and converts more than 140 different protocols, unlocking valuable information from within their smart devices and high-value assets.

FieldServer provides OEMs with rapid, reliable, cost-effective protocol implementation for both new and legacy devices.

Delivering Results: Top 5 Benefits of FieldServer for OEMs

Faster Time-to-Market

The competition is stiff, and the stakes are high, so there’s no time to waste on development, programming, and implementation. With FieldServer you can complete beta testing within two weeks with no engineering development needed on your part. Plus, we preload the configuration for each of the model numbers that need to be supported in the FieldServer. That means, on average, FieldServer can cut OEM time-to-market by no less than 50%.

Hassle-Free Start Up

How many times have you taken one step forward only to take two, three, or even four steps back? Not so with FieldServer. We deliver a customized startup guide/documentation that replaces trial-and-error with proven, reliable, fast-start info. Our custom guides eliminate burdensome startup problems, enabling you to better serve your customers by providing detailed yet easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Simple, Cost-Effective Interfacing

We’ve always said that one-box connectivity is better than two simply because our one-box solution is both logical and more economical. In addition to instant deployment, FieldServer supports multiple protocols—without the need for multiple pieces of equipment. And, with only one SKU for many applications, FieldServer simplifies your internal SKU management. Plus, as an edge device, FieldServer gives you the opportunity to open up your edge computing capabilities through new product innovations, without requiring you to decommission legacy devices.

Easy Configuration

Proper configuration is essential, but what OEM has the time, resources, and expertise to ensure it? With FieldServer you don’t have to. Our FieldServer solutions include multiple device profiles, making it easier for operators who don’t have extensive protocol knowledge to map protocols to our pre-defined configurations. In addition, we offer a complimentary, one-hour virtual work session to validate your configurations and answer questions. And, of course, you can count on us to deliver ongoing, personalized support at no extra charge.

Secure, Remote Connectivity

Thanks to our complementary solution, the MSA Grid, OEMs can reduce costs, boost profits, and maintain a competitive edge. Our Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology solution works with all of our FieldServer gateways to give users the ability to remotely configure and support devices, as well as receive over-the-air (OTA) updates.


Industrial and building automation have become a permanent part of our connected world. That means successful OEMs are not only embracing Industry 4.0, they’re also digitizing their solutions to support collecting and generating meaningful data for their customers to use.

The key to making it work seamlessly, though, is implementing intelligent connections that rise up to intelligent devices. That’s why, when it comes down to it, FieldServer provides an ease of implementation and best-in-class communication protocols to get OEMs started quickly.

Have questions about FieldServer OEM solutions? Contact an MSA representative today.

Richard Theron
Richard Theron is the product line manager for FieldServer at MSA, where he works intimately with companies in the building automation, industrial automation, energy management and life safety markets to help them cloud-enable their equipment.

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