The Difference Between FieldServer™ Manager and FieldVEU

February 23, 2023
Richard Theron

Industrial connectivity is continuing to evolve even as the future of Industry 4.0 is being created today. Real-time insights are proving not just helpful but crucial to the improvement of products, processes, and production.

So, whether you’re fully immersed in a data-driven world or just getting started with your connected journey, understanding which Industry 4.0 tools to use right now can go a long way toward maximizing operational efficiency and streamlining organizational effectiveness.

Managing Devices vs. Understanding What’s Happening

Managing devices is just what it sounds like. It’s keeping track of device function and status. Back in the day, managing the fleet meant using paper-and-pencil tracking and spreadsheets. Now, technology automates that work.

But don’t make the mistake of equating device management with understanding what’s happening at any given time on any given site in real time. That’s different. Prior to technological advances like building automation, the only way to have awareness of what was going on at a particular location was to have personnel physically on site looking and in the presence of the device.

Thankfully, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has changed that for the better.

For example, consider a manufacturing facility with four different production lines. Smart devices can monitor these production lines and collect important data, such as how much energy each line is using.

But that information, that data, in and unto itself, isn’t enough to do anything with. Instead, that data must be available and presented to whomever makes the decisions about managing energy consumption. Not only that, but the data must also be provided in an understandable form. Only then can the decision maker determine what to do next. This awareness is what leads to actionable insights, which leads to making improvements that benefit the bottom line. In this instance, such data could be used to determine where and how to cut energy usage while simultaneously maximizing production.

Putting It Together

As you can tell, both parts of the equation (managing devices + understanding what’s happening) are required to effect change.

And that’s where the MSA Grid FieldServer Manager and FieldVEU solutions come in.

These solutions, especially when used together, are a powerful way for organizations like yours to reduce costs, boost profits, and maintain a competitive edge.

About FieldServer Manager

FieldServer Manager is an empowering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology solution that provides a cost-effective way for users to manage a fleet of deployed assets. FieldServer Manager works with all FieldServer IIoT gateways and allows users to remotely configure, update, and support connected devices.

FieldServer Grid Manager for FieldServer device management and  3rd party cloud connectivity.

Who is FieldServer Manager for?

  • Device OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), their customers, and system integrators within these applications/environments:
    • Boiler controls
    • Chiller and air handling
    • Data centers
    • Energy metering
    • Fire panels
    • Generator/UPS
    • Life safety
    • Lighting
    • Security

What are the benefits of FieldServer Manager?

  • Remote monitoring and control of devices to:
    • Ensure the proper performance of assets
    • Reduce field truck/personnel expenses
    • Send real-time notifications (text or email) for faster, proactive event response
  • Secure, portal-based access for total privacy that also allows for:
    • Multiple user accounts within the portal with varying login and security credentials
    • Permission-based access to MSA tech support for troubleshooting assistance
  • Data collection and dissemination that includes:
    • Secure data pushes to third-party Cloud services via Webhooks or RESTful API
    • 30-day storage in the gateway
    • 12-month Cloud storage
  • Fast, easy deployment and full scalability to accommodate changing demands with:
    • No OEM engineering development time needed
    • Seamless set up and registration through the Cloud portal
  • Cost-effective solution with:
    • No annual subscription for connection to OEM devices
  • Optional features, including:
    • Proxy Tunnel
      • Remote access to end device web pages
    • OpenVPN
      • Remote device connection for local applications
        • Diagnostics
        • Configuration

About FieldVEU

FieldVEU is a mobile-friendly visual dashboard that displays a variety of customizable data metrics from one or many devices connected to a FieldServer, enabling full visibility of the fleet.

FieldVEU allows users to visualize devices for data analysis.

Who is FieldVEU for?

  • The same users as FieldServer Manager: OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and their customers

What are the benefits of FieldVEU?

  • User-friendly, intuitive design featuring:
    • Minimal configuration and user created FieldServer profiles
    • Customizable dashboard templates that enable OEMs to create specific views for devices
    • Enhanced data visualization for quick, concise monitoring of device function and status
    • Easy-to-understand gauge and graph displays of such data as averages, real-time values, and other important metrics
    • Drag-and-drop organization capabilities
  • Enables collaboration and comparison across multiple sites and:
    • Displays up to 15 data points
    • Allows users to set up unique alarms/notifications
    • Enables Cloud-based data to be viewed for up to 30 days of data per device
  • Highest level security, featuring:
    • AWS (Amazon Web Services) hosting
    • Encrypted data transfer
    • Third-party certification

Keep Up with Cloud-Based Connectivity

Contact us to find out how FieldServer Manager and FieldVEU can help you level-up proactive management of your fleet.

Richard Theron
Richard Theron is the product line manager for FieldServer at MSA, where he works intimately with companies in the building automation, industrial automation, energy management and life safety markets to help them cloud-enable their equipment.

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