Industrial Automation Devices: How FieldVEU Can Help OEMs Ignite Innovation

October 4, 2021
Richard Theron

When it comes to product development, original equipment manufacturers face a plethora of challenges ranging from market competition to tight margins. Keeping up is hard enough without the added pressure of getting ahead.

But staying in front of customer demands isn’t just an option, it’s an imperative.

We get it. We must do the same. Which is why we were so excited to introduce our new mobile app the MSA FieldServer FieldVEU. FieldVEU is a smart, connected product that we designed specifically for OEMs and their customers. Just launched in September 2021, FieldVEU already is generating glowing reviews.

One reason? FieldVEU is scalable from mobile to desktop, meaning it can readily and easily be used on whichever device you and your customers use daily.

But that’s not all. There are plenty more reasons why FieldVEU is radically changing the way OEMs monitor their in-the-field devices. Keep reading to find out why.

Human-Centric Design

There’s no getting around the fact that we live and work in a connected world that’s constantly changing. One of the more recent changes – and one that’s here to stay, by the way – is taking a human-centric approach to product design and development.

Human-centric design simply means taking human elements like tasks and worker behavior into consideration when developing or optimizing products.

While it may be hard to believe or remember, not too long ago products were developed with the product in mind. The idea was that people would adapt to the product. Now it’s the other way around with the product adapting to the way people want to use it.

There’s a lot of science behind human-centric design. (Think ergonomics, as an example.) With a human-centric approach, the key to innovating new products or making product improvements is understanding human needs, mitigating risks and failures, and enabling successful product use.

From Data Points to Data-Informed Products

So, what does all of this have to do with FieldVEU? Everything!

FieldVEU is a mobile application that enables the collection and synthesis of data. In addition to giving your customers secure access and remote monitoring of your manufactured devices so they have instant visibility into connected devices, FieldVEU gives OEMs instant access to critical data points, too.

If you’re like most OEMs you probably have devices that are installed in a wide variety of applications. Imagine the difference in how your device performs in a hot and humid Louisiana factory versus a freezing cold Alaskan utility. That’s where FieldVEU can help.

With up to 15 points of data per device, FieldVEU delivers the insight you need to see just how well your devices are working in the field with real users. In fact, FieldVEU gives you relevant and valuable operational data so you can better analyze your products, troubleshoot, and adapt them, and, most importantly, help your customers by improving your product capabilities.

OEM Dashboard Templates

For those using one of our MSA IIoT gateway products and connecting OEM equipment to our cloud-based service the Grid, FieldVEU is the final layer in our end-to-end connected solution.

OEMs and their customers can securely access and remotely monitor device data from any location, making sure the assets are performing as they should. Plus, it includes persistent, long-term data storage, too, so you’re never without the insight you need to make informed product changed.

One feature we designed specifically for OEMs is the ability to create custom dashboard templates for your devices – templates that include pre-set data sets and views that meet your customers’ needs.

To make it simple, we included an assortment of widgets so you can quickly and easily create device-specific templates.

Then device details, such as location and model number, are pulled directly from the FieldServer gateway.

Plus, the templates you create enable your customer to quickly register their FieldServer, then log in to FieldVEU to see their dashboards.

FieldVEU Notifications

One of the best benefits of FieldVEU for both OEMs and their customers is that FieldVEU interfaces with the Grid cloud platform, enabling instant access to data and real-time notifications from cloud-registered MSA Safety gateways. In fact, each device VEU lets your customer set up unique notifications for up to 15 data points.

Ready for a Faster OEM Strategy?

To find out how FieldVEU can help you add even more value to your customers by adding value to your devices, contact your MSA Sales Rep.

Richard Theron
Richard Theron is the product line manager for FieldServer at MSA, where he works intimately with companies in the building automation, industrial automation, energy management and life safety markets to help them cloud-enable their equipment.

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