Lencore Modernizes Workspaces with Sierra Monitor’s FieldServer IoT Cloud Connectivity

October 8, 2019
Sierra Monitor

As a business owner, you might be hearing the buzz about the connected future. You might also be asking yourself, “What needs connection, and how does it connect?”. It may be overwhelming, but the connected future is here, and it is here to stay. Connectivity is the backbone for the safety and efficiency in many facilities, and as 2020 approaches, we want you to think about how connectivity could benefit your customers, employees, and business around the world.

Customers use FieldServer to connect various industrial buildings and machine automation protocols in the products they manufacture for mass notification capabilities and more. One of our customers, Lencore Acoustics Corporation, is an audio system solutions company for sound masking, paging, audio and mass notification, and emergency communication. They are an innovative provider of comfort and safety solutions in modern commercial workplaces. Lencore is the industry leader in engineered system solutions. Their n.FORM controller uses FieldPop as a foundation for their mass notification alarming system hosted on our SMC cloud platform, including  emergency notifications. These features transform environments as they provide privacy, comfort, and safety in the workplace. Their technology makes communication instantaneous and clear.

We celebrate our customers that are ahead of the curve in expanding their business’s investment in the safety and efficiency of their devices they provide. Our FieldServer line of embedded products allow customers to add unique features. Watch Lencore’s Field Alert mass notification system video to see our FieldServer and Lencore’s n.Form technology in action. To learn more about our cloud connectivity and embedded solutions visit SMC Cloud and our Versatile IIoT On-Ramp Solutions.


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