Synapse Wireless’ SimplySNAP adds Cloud and BMS Connectivity with Sierra Monitor’s ProtoAir IIoT Gateway

October 17, 2019
Sierra Monitor

Sierra Monitor, an MSA Safety company and leader in the industrial and commercial Internet of Things (IoT), is partnering with Synapse Wireless®, an IoT company focused on energy management solutions, including smart controls and intelligent lighting.  Synapse chose Sierra Monitor’s FieldServer ProtoAir IIoT gateway as the stand-out product that could be used to add a Building Management System (BMS) to Synapse’s IoT Solution suite. Synapse’s SimplySNAP, is a robust and reliable platform designed to enable a limitless number of IoT applications, including connected lighting IoT capabilities. Synapse’s intelligent lighting solution provides the infrastructure to control lights, save energy, and enable additional IoT applications for industrial settings.

Intelligent lighting systems are in high demand, especially in larger facilities. Connectivity to a local BMS with cloud-access to remotely monitor and maintain the systems helps our customers save energy and reduce costs throughout their location,” said Ben Goode, Vice President of Program Management with Synapse Wireless. “With Sierra Monitor’s ProtoAir IIoT gateway, Synapse can offer broader services and support to our customers and gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

The ProtoAir IIoT gateway is an external, low-cost building automation and industrial control gateway for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It provides manufacturers wireless or wired connectivity into the cloud, as well as instant deployment of field protocols (e.g. BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, ModBus TCP, ModBus RTU, etc.).  With the ProtoAir, Synapse’s lighting systems can connect to Building Management Systems (BMS) and enable cloud-based IoT connectivity to their lighting systems.

Synapse is an innovative company using technology to provide intelligent lighting to their customers,” said Gustavo Lopez, the general manager of Sierra Monitor. “The ProtoAir lets Synapse save time and money by remotely connecting their intelligent lighting experts to installations worldwide to deliver quality service and support.

SMC Cloud access enabled by ProtoAir gives Synapse the ability to remotely connect to installed systems. Now Synapse can provide installation and configuration support without sending a technician on-site.  Through the cloud, SimplySNAP willsend notifications to phones or computers alerting contractors and facilities maintenance people of issues when they occur. 

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