What’s New with The Grid – FieldVEU App

May 23, 2022
Richard Theron

When FieldVEU is connected to The Grid Cloud platform, you can securely and remotely monitor device data using customizable dashboards that let you display up to 15 points of data per device.

Not only does FieldVEU gives you a quick, concise look at device function and status, it also sends instant notifications from Cloud-registered MSA Safety gateways.

This helps you ensure that all your assets at every location are performing exactly as they should.

As part of our commitment to improve safety responsiveness, we’re always innovating and pushing toward new and better technologies. Let’s explore some of the recent updates we’ve made to The Grid – FieldVEU App subscription service, which is designed to help you keep workers and worksites safer.

New Functionality: Data Overlay

For OEMs or for anyone in charge of IIoT solutions and systems integration, having visibility means everything. That’s why we incorporated a new “Add widget” function.

Available today, “Add widget” lets you create dual line graphs, which is essentially an overlay of two intersecting data points.

Dual data examples include:

  • Voltage + Current
  • Pressure + Temperature
  • Temperature + Humidity

Within FieldVEU, line charts represent data over time so you can get a view of measurement trends or variables within a specified timeframe for up to 30 days of data per device. This layered view helps give context to the metrics that matter most to you. For more information, see Start-up Guide – FieldVEU.

New Feature: Notifications Filtering

You asked for more control, and we’re giving it to you—effective immediately. This much-anticipated feature can be found under FieldVEU’s “Notification Settings.”

You and other notification subscribers can now select which notifications to receive. So, rather than receiving every notification for every MSA Cloud-connected device within the organization, subscribers can simply select only the notifications they want to receive. Don’t want a notification? No problem. Just leave the event unchecked.

Here’s an example of how that might work:

Let’s say a subscriber is not the mechanic responsible for monitoring the online/offline status of a device. Well, then there’s no need for that person to receive the notification. As such, they can uncheck that notification within the FieldVEU mobile app on their phone.

However, if that same subscriber does want to see something like a device temperature, all they need to do is check that particular event in FieldVEU’s settings and they will automatically receive the notification in real time.

This new feature enables targeted notifications, which help support a more efficient response and a more effective workflow. Plus, it makes receiving notifications hassle-free by preventing an unnecessary flood of irrelevant-to-them information in a subscriber’s email inbox or SMS app.

Take Control of Device Data

Meeting your safety needs with the help of technology is something we’ll continue to do and keep you abreast of. In the meantime, we trust that the additional functionality and new feature of this latest iteration of the FieldVEU app enables you to better monitor equipment connected to the Cloud through The Grid’s secure portal. If you’re not already using The Grid – FieldVEU app and want to get started, learn more here or contact an MSA Sales Rep for a demonstration.

The FieldVEU app is available by subscription only with no annual data charges for OEM equipment connected to the FieldServer Grid Cloud platform.

Richard Theron
Richard Theron is the product line manager for FieldServer at MSA, where he works intimately with companies in the building automation, industrial automation, energy management and life safety markets to help them cloud-enable their equipment.

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